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Supt. Dave Jones, Jr.

  Supt. Dave Jones, Jr. is a native of Vossburg, He was born on January 11, 1929 to Dave Jones, Sr. and Alzalene Carter Jones. He is the oldest of twelve (12) children.

  He is the loving and devoted husband of Missionary Henrietta Smith Jones. He is the father of five (5) sons and three (3) daughters.

  Supt. Jones accepted Christ as a young man and was saved and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost under the leadership of the late Supt. Jerry Johnson at the Law Street Church of God in Christ in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  Supt. Jones accepted the call to the Ministry in 1953. After assisting Supt. Johnson and running holy ghost revivals throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama with his brother, the late Elder Willie D. Jones, the Lord lead him to move out.

  In 1961, Supt. Jones founded the Macedonia Church of God in Christ in an apartment.

  From the apartment, he purchased a little house at 3015 Louisa Street in the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. From the beginning, "Louisa Street" was a blessed spot of ground. As Supt. Jones went out preaching on the street corners and witnessing in the neighborhood, the church known as the Little House overfilled and a larger church was built in 1965, and an even larger one in 1980.

  Supt. Jones became known at the "LITTLE MAN – WITH THE BIG HANDS", that was filled with the power of God. Through the powerful and anointed ministry of Superintendent Jones, many has come to Christ, the sick has been healed, the lame has walked, the oppressed and depressed set free, shackles broken, broken-hearts mended.   The fruit of this faithful and devoted Man of God’s labor has produced many great men and women for the Master’s vineyard. Bishops, Evangelists, Elders, Ministers, Supervisors, District Missionaries, Missionaries and many great teachers and leaders are listed in the Macedonia Family.

  Supt Jones serves as:
                             Jurisdictional Chairman of Pastor & Elders Council
                             Jurisdictional Prayer Warrior
                             District Superintendent
                             City of New Orleans Federation of Pastors
                             Community Leader - Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans
                             Appointed to the National Church of God in Christ Intercessory Prayer

  Macedonia Church of God in Christ was totally demolished in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. After realizing that God was not finished with him yet, and through the encouragement of his sons and daughters in the gospel, the 76-year-old Supt. Jones took courage and moved in faith to recover his members that remained and moved forward. Until his house was repaired in 2007, he traveled from Houston, Texas twice a month to meet with Macedonia Members at the rented church on the Westbank.   Macedonia is now in the process of "rebuilding" and even under a tent, it is still a "blessed spot" with highly anointed services as the little man with the big hands, continues to allow God to use him and takes no credit, for it is not about him-but the Christ that lives within him. 

  Supt. Dave Jones, Jr. at the blessed age of 88 is "Moving Forward With Great Expectations".


Macedonia Church of God in Christ
3015 Louisa St. New Orleans, LA 70126

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